Introduction of the aircraft Type 10 tank

Type 10 tank

The Technical Research and Development Institute undertook development of Type 10 tanks in FY2002, completed the prototype by the end of FY2006, and has been conducting running test since FY2007. After FY2008, practical trials including shooting and networking tests have been conducted, and development was concluded at the end of FY2009. In FY2010, it became the fourth-generation military tank that the GSDF has been equipped with, and boasts significant enhancements in its capability to respond to anti-tank warfare, mobile strikes, special operations force attacks, and other contingencies.

The most remarkable characteristic of the Type 10 tank lies in its C4I function (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence). This can be incorporated into the GSDF network to enable sharing of information among tanks, as well as connected to the infantry’s outdoor computer network “Regiment Command Control System” to facilitate integrated military operations with the infantry troops.

Type 10 tank
Crew 3 persons
Gross weight Approx. 44 tons
Length Approx. 9.4 m
Width Approx. 3.2 m
Height Approx. 2.3 m
Maximum speed Approx. 70km/h
Engine Water-cooled, four-cycle, eight-cylinder diesel engines, 1200ps/2300rpm
Arms 120mm smooth-bore guns, 12.7mm heavy cannons, Type 74 mounted 7.62mm cannons
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