Introduction to equipment F-2 fighter

F-2 fighter
F-2 fighter


Crew 1-2
Total width Approx. 11.1m
Total length Approx. 15.5m
Total height Approx. 5.0m
Number of engines installed 1 engine
Engine name F110-GE-129 (General Electric)
Engine thrust Approx. 13.4 tons
(when stationary on ground)
Engine type Turbofan engine
Total weight Approx. 22 tons
Maximum speed Mach approx. 2.0
Armament 20mm cannon, air-to-ship missile, infrared-guided air-to-air missile, radar-guided air-to-air missile

The F-2 fighter combines the advanced technologies of Japan and the United States. It was jointly developed by the two countries, adapting the U.S. F-16 to the Japanese operational concept and geographical features and combining superior Japanese and U.S. technologies. The development began in 1988 and F-2 made its first flight in 1995. The development was completed in FY2000.

The main enhancements made to the F-16 were the increase in the main wing area for improving the revolution performance, as well as the incorporation of advanced materials and advanced structure for lessening the weight. Furthermore, the engine was changed to one with added thrust to increase takeoff performance. Advanced electronic equipment was also adopted, including the latest radar.

Introduction to a historical building MSDF Officer Candidate School (MOCS) building

MSDF Officer Candidate School (MOCS) building
MSDF Officer Candidate School (MOCS) building

The building was constructed as a naval academy in 1893.

It is a two-floor brick structure all made of brick, including the framework, except for the flooring and roof. The bricks are laid in British bond.

This building, featuring over 140m in horizontal length, and in particular, a 120m-corridor consisting of a continuous series of arches facing the courtyard in the North, has a gradation of red brick and white granite creating a bright and exquisite atmosphere.

Today, the building is used as the school for MSDF officer candidates. The school offers education and training to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for working as a junior SDF officer.

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