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Fuji Firepower Review

Japan Defense Focus No.15

The shape of Mt. Fuji depicted with barrages “the Artillery Fire”. The high accuracy is required to adjust 1/100 second.



Fuji Firepower Review

CH-47J helicopters leaving the scene with lifting JGSDF personnel

The 2009 Fuji Firepower Review was open to public on 30 August at the JGSDF East Fuji Maneuver Area located in Gotemba City, Shizuoka with Defense Minister Hamada in attendance.

The Fuji Firepower Review was launched in 1961 in order to contribute to the education of JGSDF Fuji School students by enhancing their understanding of effects infantry, artillery and armored munitions firepower, as well as the status of their firing in modern warfare. From 1966, the review was opened to the public to enhance the public understanding and trust of the JGSDF.

The review programme is comprised of two parts separated by an intermission, namely the first part of maneuvers designed to introduce the JGSDF's core equipment, and the second part of maneuvers with the aim of demonstrating firing through the collaboration of the various types of units of the JGSDF.

Although people need to apply by mail or internet for and win a lottery to attend the review, the number of applications has been increasing these year. This year there were 93,919 mail applications and 52,845 internet applications, which was approximately double compared to that in the last year. This year's rate of applicants for public invitation was 28.0 times as high as last year, while the rate of applicants for invitation with parking ticket was 209.5 times higher.

The total number of successful applicants who attended the review as spectators from all over Japan was around 26,000. The spectators cheered at the impressive spectacle of the live-ammunition firing.

■ Scale of the Review

  • Personnel: approx. 2,400
  • Major equipment
    • ・Approx. 80 tanks & armored vehicles
    • ・Artillery: approx. 40
    • ・Aircraft: approx. 25
  • Munitions : approx. 44 tons
  • Cost: approx. JPY 350 million

■ Review Programme

  • The First Part:
    • ・Long-range fire (air & artillery)
    • ・Mid-range fire (mortars & guided missile)
    • ・Close-range fire (antipersonnel obstacles, infantry
    • ・fire, Anti-aircraft fire, Helicopter fire)
    • ・Tank fire
    • ・Parachuting
  • The Second Part:
    • ・Air reconnaissance
    • ・Heliborne operations
    • ・Attack

      Reconnaissance operations Fire coordinated with frontline company attack (Preparation fire, breaching, advance support fire, infantry and tank team attack, assault support fire, assaults, anti-counterattacks, exploitation)

The Fuji firepower Review took place in the presence of Defense Minister Hamada.

Type-74 tanks appeared in the preliminary “tank fire”

The exercise reached the climax, when a simultaneous firing by a group of Type-90 tanks is conducted in the “Exploitation”

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