Japan Defense Focus No.117 Nov. 2019


LR-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

LR-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

In this issue, we will introduce the JGSDF’s LR-2 reconnaissance aircraft.

The LR-2 is the JGSDF’s only fixed-wing aircraft. It is a King Air 350 manufactured by Beechcraft of the United States that has been modified for JGSDF use. Modifications made include an extended fuselage and main wings and enhanced engine power. With its speed and cruising capability, the LR-2 provides transportation between airfields around the country, especially when transporting emergency patients from remote islands.

In addition to a reconnaissance camera, the LR-2 will be equipped with devices for video transmission and infrared night-vision to enhance its capacity to collect visual information.


  • ▷Capacity: 2 pilots and 8 passengers
  • ▷Length: 14.22m
  • ▷Width: 17.65m
  • ▷Height: 4.37m
  • ▷Engine output: 1,050shp × 2


  • ▷Cruising speed: approx. 440km/h
  • ▷Flight range: approx. 2,800km
  • ▷Service ceiling: approx. 10,700m