Japan Defense Focus No.112 Jun. 2019


Landing Craft Air Cushion

Landing Craft Air Cushion

In this edition, we will introduce the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), the Landing Craft Air Cushion.

Two LCACs are loaded onto LST Osumi and are mainly used to transport between ships and land. The LCAC floats upon a cushion of air and a propeller at the rear of the craft drives it forward. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to move on either land or sea. In addition to being able to transport one Type 90 tank, it can transport 30 people and is active in aid activities for both domestic and overseas disasters. It is expected that LCACs will be used in various locations, including being dispatched to disaster areas in the future.


  • ▷Length: 26.8m
  • ▷Width: 14.3m
  • ▷Standard Displacement: 85t
  • ▷Propulsion: four gas turbines and two propeller shfts
  • ▷Speed: Approx. 50kt
  • ▷Crew: approx. 5 crew
  • ▷Cargo Capacity: 50t or approx. 30 people