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Japan's Replenishment Support Activities in the Indian Ocean

Japan recognizes terrorism to be an immediate threat. Because Japan depends on the Middle East for 90% of its oil imports, it participates in international efforts to eradicate terrorism based on UN Security Council resolutions in order to fulfill its international responsibilities.

Japan's Replenishment Support Activities in the Indian Ocean

Significance of Continuation of Japan's Replenishment Support Activities
The Maritime Interdiction Operation is extremely important for deterring terrorism. Many countries, including France, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan are participating in it. The Maritime Self-Defense Force supports the MIO by replenishing fuel and water to ships of various countries. The continuous presence of MSDF replenishment ships in the Indian Ocean ensures that ships of participating countries do not need to call at a port for replenishment and that they can continue their activities for a long period.
    A ship for the replenishment of fuel and water carries out its operations by traveling alongside a ship of the partner country at a distance of 30 to 40 meters at the same speed on the sea waves for sometimes as long as several hours. Such replenishment operations require a high degree of navigating technique, proficiency, and endurance. For these reasons, only a few countries have the capabilities of conducting stable maritime replenishment activities at seas far away from home. Japan has played its role in the MIO as one such country.

Replenishment Operation at Sea

Japan's Engagement and Achievements in the MIO

Results of Eight Years of Replenishment Activities

Participating Units

Japan's Replenishment Support Activities in the Indian Ocean