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Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting

Minister Onodera calls on Prime Minister Modi

Minister Onodera and Defence Minister of India Sitharaman held a Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting on August 20th 2018 in Delhi. Minister Onodera also called on Indian Prime Minister Modi the same day.

The Ministers noted the fact that Japanese Prime Minister Abe and India emphasized the significance of defense and security cooperation in enhancing the strategic partnership between the two countries in September 2017, and exchanged views and ideas in a constructive and forward-looking manner. The Ministers shared the recognition that it is important for the two countries to further strengthen defense and security cooperation under the "Japan-lndia Special Strategic and Global Partnership" that aligns Japan’s "Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy" with India’s "Act East Policy" to work together in achieving common objectives.

The Ministers recognized that the peace and stability of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are crucial for ensuring the peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region, and had a frank exchange of views on the current security situation in the Indo-Pacific region, including developments in the Korean Peninsula. The Ministers also welcomed the participation of the Japanese Chief of Staff, Joint Staff in the Raisina Dialogue, the flagship conference supported by the Government of India, as the first participation to the dialogue from the Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Japan.

The Ministers reaffirmed that they have shared interests in expanding cooperation in the maritime security domain and welcomed the fact that Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) and the Indian Navy are working towards the signing of the Implementing Arrangement for Deeper Cooperation between the JMSDF and the Indian Navy.

With the aim of deepening bilateral cooperation in this domain, the Ministers also reaffirmed their intention to pursue cooperation in engaging with countries of the Indo-Pacific, including through their capacity building. The Ministers noted the regular interactions at all levels of their two defense establishments, and underlined their intention to seek more concrete and effective ground, maritime, and air cooperation and shared the views that they would promote cooperation and exchanges in the following areas:

1. Institutionalized Dialogue and Mutual Visits

  1. Annual Defense Ministerial Meeting: The Defence Minister of India will visit Japan in 2019.
  2. Welcoming the first official visit to India by the Japanese Chief of Staff, Joint Staff in 2018, both sides decided to organize the visit by the Chief of Staff, the JMSDF to India in November 2018 and the Indian Chief of Air Staff to Japan by the end of 2018.
  3. Both sides will seek to realize the 7th Defense Vice Minister/Secretary level Defense Policy Dialogue and the 6th Vice Minister/Secretary level "2+2" dialogue in Tokyo in 2019.

2. Exchanges between the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and the Indian Army

3. Exchanges between the JMSDF and the Indian Navy

4. Exchanges between the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and the Indian Air Force

5. Education and Research Exchanges

6. Cooperation in Defense Equipment and Technology

Minister of Defence Sitharaman
Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting

Defense Minister Onodera’s visit to Sri Lanka

Defense Minister Onodera’s visit to Sri Lanka

On August 21st, Minister Onodera held meetings and paid courtesy calls on national defense officials and others.

1. President of Sri Lanka Sirisena

Minister Onodera called on President of Sri Lanka Sirisena and stated that he was pleased to be able to visit Sri Lanka for the first time as the Defense Minister of Japan in the year of the 70th anniversary of the independence of Sri Lanka. The two ministers agreed that they would further strengthen the partnership of Japan and Sri Lanka as the leaders of two maritime nations. Furthermore, regarding the North Korea issue, Minister Onodera explained the position of Japan, which is to call for full implementation of UNSRs, and President Sirisena stated that he supports the position of Japan.

2. State Minister of Defence of Sri Lanka Wijewardene (Japan-Sri Lanka Defense Ministerial Meeting)

Minister Onodera and State Minister Wijewardene held the first Defense Ministerial Meeting between the two countries. Minister Onodera announced that Japan would advance the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy" based on the understanding that "free and open seas" on the basis of the rule of law is essential for the stability and prosperity of the international community, and the two ministers held frank and forward-looking exchanges of views on the regional situation, including North Korea, and bilateral defense cooperation and exchanges.

Based on the fact that in the April 2017 Japan-Sri Lanka Summit Meeting the two leaders agreed to further promote cooperation and exchanges in maritime security and maritime safety, the two ministers confirmed to advance cooperation in these areas between the defense authorities as well.

The two ministers shared their satisfaction that the personnel exchanges in the Japan-Sri Lanka defense cooperation and exchanges had increased incomparably since a few years ago, confirmed their intention to take the opportunity of the recent visit of Minister Onodera to seek the signing of a memorandum of understanding for defense cooperation and exchanges between Japan and Sri Lanka, and agreed to promote dialogue between the authorities of the two countries through the Second Japan-Sri Lanka Defense Dialogue to achieve further defense exchanges and cooperation.

3. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Wickremesinghe

Minister Onodera called on Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, stated that Japan and Sri Lanka are in an amicable relationship for many years which shares the values of freedom and democracy and that Sri Lanka was the country that established diplomatic relations with Japan the earliest after the 1952 San Francisco Peace Treaty, and expressed his gratitude for the realization of his first visit to Sri Lanka as the Defense Minister of Japan. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe expressed gratitude for the support that Japan has provided to Sri Lanka to date in a wide range of fields and stated his perception that relations between the two countries had been strengthened further due to the implementation of the present visit and the first ever Defense Ministerial Meeting between their two countries.

Minister Onodera delivers an address on board DD Ikazuchi at Port of Trincomalee
Minister Onodera visits Port of Hambantota

Fuji Firepower Review 2018

Fuji Firepower Review 2018

On August 26th, the annual Fuji Firepower Review was held in the Hataoka District of the East Fuji Maneuver Area in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Approx. 2,400 personnel from various units participated in the exercise, with 80 armored vehicles and tanks, 60 artilleries, 20 aircraft, and around 700 other types of vehicles.

Fuji Firepower Review 2018

Approx. 24,000 people visited the maneuver area to observe the exercise.

The first part introduced distant-range fire, medium-range fire, short-range fire, helicopter fire, anti-air fire and tank fire. The second part introduced comprehensive trainings that include three important phases to respond to attacks on Japan’s remote islands: maneuver deployment, rapid deployment and recapturing.

This exercise showed firing of Type-16 Mobile Combat Vehicle and Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV), which are the main component equipment for the "ground defense capability that immediately respond to various situations" for the first time.

State Minister of Defense Yamamoto’s visit to South Sudan and Kenya

From August 16th to 17th, State Minister of Defense Yamamoto visited Juba and Nairobi, the capitals of the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of Kenya respectively.

In South Sudan, the State Minister confirmed the activities of Japan’s UNMISS staff officers, called on President Kirr of South Sudan, and held a meeting with UNMISS Special Representative of the Secretary-General Shearer.

In Kenya, State Minister carried out an inspection of the UN Project for African Rapid Deployment of Engineering Capabilities, and held a meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Defence Omamo.

President of the Republic of South Sudan Kiir
Cabinet Secretary for Defence of the Republic of Kenya Omamo

Defense of Japan 2018 Issued

The Defense White Paper, is published every summer to promote understanding of Japan’s defense policy. This year marks 44th issue.

Defense of Japan 2018 Issued

"Defense of Japan 2018" covers topics concerning security environment surrounding Japan, including the situation of North Korea and its development of nuclear weapons and missiles, Chinese and Russian activities surrounding Japan, and the trends in outer space and cyberspace security. It also provides easy-to-understand descriptions of the direction of the review of the National Defense Program Guideline, efforts to strengthen the Japan-U.S. Alliance, activities of the JSDF, and defense cooperation and exchanges with other countries.

The Defense White Pape and abridged version in English are also available online in PDF format to reach as many as possible.

HTML and e-book versions are scheduled for release in early October.


The abridged version in English is available at:

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