JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.103 Sep. 2018


C-2 Transport Aircraft

C-2 Transport Aircraft

In this edition, we will take a closer look at the C-2 transport aircraft.

The C-2 transport aircraft was developed exclusively in Japan as the successor to the C-1 transport aircraft, in order to fulfill various JSDF missions, including international peace cooperation activities, in a quicker and more efficient manner.

The C-2 features a number of state of art technologies, including a fly-by-wire system. The C-2 offers significantly improved capabilities and equipment such as approx. four times longer range and approx. three times larger payload compared to the C-1.

The C-2 military transport aircraft was deployed in FY2016, and it has been playing an active role in a broad range of JSDF missions since then.


  • ▷Length: 43.9m
  • ▷Width: 44.4m
  • ▷Height: 14.2m
  • ▷Crew: two to five crew + 110 passengers
  • ▷Maximum speed: approx. mach 0.82
  • ▷Maximum range: approx. 7,600km (with 20t payload)
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