JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.102 August 2018


Soryu-class Submarines

Soryu-class Submarines

In this edition, we will take a closer look at Soryu-class submarines.

Soryu-class submarines are the latest, most cutting edge model of submarines operated by the JMSDF.

These submarines use an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system that enables them to dive for extended periods of time. They also feature an X-shaped stern that provides excellent underwater maneuverability.

Soryu-class submarines are used for a wide range of missions in the vast waters surrounding Japan, including intelligence gathering and surveillance.


  • ▷Length: 84m
  • ▷Beam: 9.1m
  • ▷Draft: 10.3m
  • ▷Displacement: 2,950t
  • ▷Speed: 20kt
  • ▷Main engines: two diesel engines, four Stirling engines, one propulsion motor
  • ▷Crew: approx. 65
  • ▷Main armament: Underwater torpedo tubes, Snorkel equipments
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