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Sado Gold Mine

Sado Gold Mine

Located on Sado Island in the west of Niigata Prefecture is Sado Gold Mine, Japan’s largest gold and silver mine. Noted for its impressive excavated tunnels stretching for approx. 400km, the mine has approx. 800 meters deep gold-bearing veins expanding approx. 3,000 meters from east to west, and approx. 600 meters from south to north.

Mining began at Sado Gold Mine on a full scale from 1601. The mine remained open until 1989, when its reserve of resources were completely depleted. During that time, approx. 78 tons of gold and approx. 2,330 tons of silver were mined from the area.

The Sado Gold Mine tunnels and facilities for mining, smelting and other activities have been designated as a National Important Cultural Property of Japan, Historic Site, and Heritage of Industrial Modernization. The mining relics and technologies used during its operational period are open to the public for viewing.

The JASDF Sado Sub Base is on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture.

The Sado Sub Base is the location of the 46th Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) Squadron, and two units of the Sado Air Civil Engineering Squadron, First Civil Engineering Squadron, Central Air Civil Engineering Squadron Group. As the only military unit on Sado Island, the personnel engage in a range of tasks including warning and surveillance in the direction of the Sea of Japan, snow removal during the winter, and disaster relief operations.

Celebrating the 100th Edition

Celebrating the 100th Edition

The June 2018 edition of JDF marked the 100th edition since its launch in 2006. We would like to thank all readers for your support and cooperation, which has made it possible for us to reach this milestone.

We will continue to work together to deliver the latest news and activities of the MOD and the JSDF in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Your continued support will be highly appreciated.

JDF editorial staff, Public Affairs Division, MOD

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