JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.100


C-130H Transport Aircraft

In this edition, we will introduce the C-130H Transport Aircraft.

It is a tactical transport aircraft operated by militaries of various countries around the world, including the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. It can transport 64 fully armed paratroopers and 92 passengers.

Its turboprop engine allows the aircraft to takeoff or land on an unprepared runway.

It is an aircraft essential for the JSDF’s activities and expected to be used for both domestic and international missions including the International Peace Cooperation activities such as peacekeeping operations.

C-130H Transport Aircraft


  • ▷Length: approx. 29.8m
  • ▷Width: approx. 40.4m
  • ▷Max speed approx. 318kt
  • ▷Cruising range: approx. 4,000km
  • ▷Occupants: 6 people + 64 to 92 people
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