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Participating in peacekeeping operations on the Golan Heights

The driver on this UNDOF transport job is an SDF member
The driver on this UNDOF transport job is an SDF member
Japan has been participating in the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights for 12 years, ever since dispatching its first transport unit and staff officers for the UNDOF HQ in February 1996. In March 2008 the twenty-fifth transport unit took over from the twenty-fourth.

Outline of Japan’s participation in UNDOF
UNDOF has been deployed to conduct UN peacekeeping operations in the Area of Separation (AOS) established on the Golan Heights between Syria and Israel to monitor the cease-fire and the execution of an agreement on separation of forces between the two countries. Since UNDOF was established in 1974, it has been operating for 34 years, which is one of the longest records of the UN peacekeeping operations that are in action.
    The Japanese government dispatched the first Self-Defense Forces (SDF) transport unit and HQ staff officers to the Golan Heights in February 1996.
    The transport unit is responsible for activities including transport of food, storage of supplies, road repair, and maintenance of heavy mechanical equipment. Transport units participating in UNDOF are rotated about six months after their dispatch, and so far a total of approximately 1,000 personnel have served in them.
    HQ staff officers dispatched to the Golan Heights are responsible for UNDOF’s public relations and budget planning and for the planning and coordination of transport, maintenance, and other logistics operations. They are rotated about once a year, and so far a total of 24 personnel have been dispatched.
    Participation in this operation is significant as a form of humanresources cooperation by Japan with international efforts for peace in the Middle East.

Twenty-fifth transport unit takes over Golan Heights mission
The 24th transport unit back in Japan
The 24th transport unit back in Japan
On March 5, 2008, the twenty-fifth transport unit dispatched to the Golan Heights took over from the twentyfourth unit. The members of the twenty-fourth transport unit returned safely to Japan in two groups late in February and early in March, and they reported their return to the commander of the Central Readiness Force at Camp Asaka.

Organizational Structure of UNDOF

Map of the Golan Heights and Its Vicinity