Japan Defense Focus

Back issue (2007)

No.7 (November 2007)
<News Flashes>
  • Shigeru Ishiba Appointed Minister of Defense
<Japan-China Defense Ministerial Meeting>
  • Japan-China Defense Ministerial Meeting
<Defense Policy>
  • Being Engaged in International Peace Cooperation Activities
  • Operations currently underway
  • Earthquake Relief Operations in Niigata
  • Budget Request for Fiscal 2008
  • Multilateral Maritime Exercise: Malabar 07-2
  • Defense Forum Held in Tokyo
  • Central Readiness Force Unit Launches Training
  • Japan's Paticipation in "Pacific Shield 07"
  • The Ministry of Defense is Reorganized
<Special Feature>
  • ASDF Iraq Reconstruction Assistance Dispatch Air Transport Squadron
  • Interview with the ASDF Chief of Staff Toshio Tamogami
  • Defense of Japan 2007 Released in English
  • ASDF Conducts "Wings of Peace" Blue Ring Campaign
No.6 (July 2007)
<News Flashes>
  • Yuriko Koike, New Minister of Defense
<Ministerial Meeting>
  • Japan-U.S. "Two-plus-Two" Meeting
  • Sixth IISS Asia Security Conference
  • Japan-Australia "Two-plus-Two" Meeting
<Defense Exchanges>
  • Defense Ministerial Meetings
  • Patriot PAC-3 Missiles Installed at Iruma ASDF Base
  • First Japan-U.S.-India Maritime Goodwill Exercise
  • Prime Minister Abe's Visit to SDF Units in the Middle East
  • SDF Personnel Taking Part in UN Mission in Nepal
<Special Feature>
  • The GSDF Central Readiness Force  -This Year's Aim is "Personal Training"-
  • Interview with GSDF chief of staff Ryoichi Oriki
  • Ministry of Defense Logo
No.5 (March 2007)
<News Flashes>
  • Japan-Thailand Defense Ministerial Meeting
<Current News>
  • Commemorative Ceremony Marking Transition to Ministry of Defense
  • Extension of SDF Dispatch to Golan Heights
  • JSO Chief of Staff Saito's Inspection of Iraq Transportation Wing
  • 1st Airborne Brigade's First Drop Maneuver of the Year
<Special Interview>
  • Interview with Former UNDOF Force Commander Bala Nanda Sharma
  • Interview with ASDF Chief of Staff General Tadashi Yoshida
  • Japan Defense Focus Questionnaire

No.4 (January 2007)
<News Flashes>
  • New Year Greeting from the Defense Minister
<Current News>
  • 2006 SDF Fleet Review
  • Japan-China Defense Officials' Talks
  • Extension of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law
  • SDF Marching Festival
<Special Feature>
  • The Defense Agency's Transition to the Ministry of Defense
<Data File>
  • ASDF Scramble Actions
  • Interview with MSDF Chief of Staff Admiral Eiji Yoshikawa
  • Publication of English Edition of Defense of Japan 2006


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