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Establishment of the first meeting of the Defense Posture Review Board

September 17, 2008

Establishment of the first meeting of the Defense Posture Review Board

○ In the current National Defense Program Guidelines, it is stipulated that five years from its formulation (i.e., by the end of 2009), the Guidelines will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised.

(Reference) National Defense Program Guidelines (excerpt)
V. Additional Elements for Consideration

2. These National Defense Program Guidelines provide the vision for our defense forces for the next decade. However, five years from now or in case there is a significant change in the international situation, we will review and, if necessary, revise the Guidelines in light of the security environment, technological progress, and other relevant factors at the time.

○ In order to contribute to reviews at the Government level on the revision of the Guidelines, it is necessary to carry out intensive and wide-ranging discussions from various viewpoints at the Ministry of Defense.

○ Therefore, on September 17, we established the Defense Posture Review Board chaired by the Minister of Defense, as a venue for discussions and reviews at the Ministry of Defense.


Chair: Minister of Defense

Board members:Senior Vice-Minister of Defense, Parliamentary Secretaries for Defense, Vice-Minister of Defense, Director General of the Minister's Secretariat, the five Bureau Director Generals (Defense Policy, Operational Policy, Personnel and Education, Finance and Equipment, Local Cooperation), the four Chiefs of Staff (Joint Staff, G.S.D.F., M.S.D.F., A.S.D.F), Director of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters

○ The first meeting of the Board was held on September 17, 2008.

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