The JSDF-USFJ Women's Forum

On June 27th, the JSDF-U.S. Forces in Japan Women's Forum was held at the Ministry of Defense. This forum included a discussion on issues related to active engagement of female personnel and work-life balance with female personnel in the U.S. Forces, which is leading progressive initiatives on active engagement of female personnel. The goal of this forum is to contribute to reviews of future measures for active engagement of female personnel at the MOD/JSDF. This marked the second time the forum was held, following the first one last year.

During the forum, female personnel from the JSDF and U.S. Forces representing a wide range of ranks, from field officer to non-commissioned officer, took part and actively discussed matters related to women's career management and educating male personnel to change the mindset in service areas newly opened to female personnel. This opportunity will help to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and the U.S. from the perspective of active engagement of female personnel. Taking into account the discussions from this forum, the MOD/JSDF will take steps to build a safe and comfortable environment where both men and women can serve their country.