JMOD/JSDF in the International Community


Japan-India Bilateral Exercise "Shinyu-Maitri 19"

JGSDF conducted Japan-UK Bilateral Exercise "Vigilant Isles 19"

Capacity Building for the Lao People's Army

The JGSDF's Participation in the Philippines-U.S. Exercise "Kamandag19"

Capacity Building for Papua New Guinea Military Band

Japan -U.S. -India Trilateral Exercise "Malabar 2019"

Capacity Building in Myanmar

Capacity Building in Timor-Leste

Japan -U.S. Bilateral Exercise "Orient Shield 2019"

Capacity Building in Mongolia

Participation of the International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower"

Indonesian Navy Vessel's visit to Japan

Participation of the Japan -U.S. Bilateral Exercise "Talisman Saber 2019"

Capacity Building in Cambodia

Overseas Training Cruise in Peru

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in Canada

Capacity Building in Republic of the Philippines (HA/DR)

The 3rd Japan-ASEAN Ship Rider Cooperation Program

Participation in the Exercise "RED FLAG-Alaska 19-2"

Japan-US Bilateral Exercise "Arctic Aurora"

The Multilateral Exercise "Khaan Quest 19"

Japan-Brunei Goodwill Exercise

Overseas Training Cruise in San Diego

C-2 Transport Aircraft and P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft on display at Paris Airshow

Japan-Vietnam Goodwill Training (IPD)

Japan- Russia Bilateral Exercise

Japan-US Bilateral Exercise (Indo-Pacific Deployment 2019)

Japan-US-Australia-ROK Multilateral Exercise

Japan-France-Australia-U.S. Multilateral Exercise (La Perouse)

The Royal Australian Navy Ship's Visit to Japan

The 3rd Expert Working Groups for the Revision of UN Peacekeeping Missions Military Engineer Unit Manual

Goodwill events and goodwill exercise with the Indonesian Navy

The Royal Malaysian Navy vessel's visit to Japan

Bilateral Exercise with the French Navy

Icebreaker SHIRASE, 60th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, comes back to Japan

Port Call of Deployment Surface Force for Counter Piracy Enforcement at Sri Lanka

Participation of JGSDF's personnel in the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet (AASAM)

Dispatch of medical officer to the UN Buddy First Aid Master Trainer Course

The multilateral maritime exercise hosted by the Royal Malaysian Navy

The International Fleet Review held by the Royal Malaysian Navy

Joint Counter-Piracy Training with EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR)

Overseas Flight Training of C-2

Capacity Building Assistance to Vietnam on the Maritime Security

Port Call of Overseas Training Seas Cruise Group at Vietnam

The 2nd Japan-ASEAN Invitation Program on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Port Call of Overseas Training Seas Cruise Group at Cambodia

The Multilateral Exercise "Cobra Gold19"

Goodwill training and goodwill event with the Singapore Navy

Overseas Training Seas Cruise

Joint Counter -Piracy Training with EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR)

Port Call of Deployment Surface Force for Counter Piracy Enforcement at the Philippines/ Joint Training with the Philippine Navy

Port Call of Deployment Surface Force for Counter Piracy Enforcement at Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Seminars and a Table Top Exercise (TTX) on Multinational Cooperation in the Case of Large-scale Disasters