Tokyo Workshop Opening Remarks by Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera

 Honorable Delegates, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and a cordial welcome to all of you who have come to attend this memorable workshop. I am very gratified to be given this opportunity to hold candid discussions with the vice-chair, the Government of Indonesia, and with so many of the attendees.
 We believe that the development of the Military Units Manual, initiated by the United Nations Headquarters, is of great significance. I appreciate United Nations' leading role in this project and I am honored to express an ungrudging support of the government of Japan.

 Since the first dispatch of the engineer unit to Cambodia in 1992, the Government of Japan has been participating in many other Peacekeeping Operations. The government has been making efforts to share know-hows by sending instructors to the African PKO centers, co-hosting Global Peace Operations Initiative Senior Mission Leaders' Course with the Government of the United States, and so on.
 As an initially designed National Security Strategy and a newly formulated National Defense Program Guidelines both writes, the Government emphasizes further efforts and initiatives in international peace cooperation activities, defining a position of proactive contributor to peace based on the principle of international cooperation.
 In this perspective, we are highly honored that Japan was chosen the chairperson and we are willing to undertake this role actively. The Government of Japan will make every effort to share our accumulated experiences and to conduce in this project.
 The Japanese Self Defense Forces are working together with other countries on site of Peacekeeping operations. In South Sudan, JSDF have conducted cooperative activities with China, Bangladesh and other countries as well. In light of multilateral cooperation towards achieving world peace, today's workshop of cooperating in sharing knowledge and experience is highly meaningful.

 Once again, I would like to thank all of you for your attendance. I should like to end these words of welcome by extending my sincerest wishes for the great success of the Tokyo workshop.