Multilateral Security Dialogues


Vientiane Vision: Japan’s Defense Cooperation Initiative with ASEAN

The Vientiane Vision is a guiding principle for Japan’s defense cooperation with ASEAN, announced as Japan’s own initiative by Defense Minister Inada at the second ASEAN-Japan Defence Ministers' Informal Meeting held in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 16 November 2016.

ASEAN Defense Minister’s Meeting-Plus (ADMM-Plus)

ADMM-Plus is the only official framework of Defense Minister’s meetings in the Asia-Pacific Region. In addition to the ten countries of ASEAN, eight countries such as Japan, the US and China participate in this framework to promote more practical defense cooperation.

Forum for Defense Authorities in the Asia-Pacific Region and TDF (Tokyo Defense Forum) Seminar

The TDF is held by the Ministry of Defense as a forum for defense authorities of the Asia-Pacific region to exchange opinions. The forum is intended to contribute to regional stability by promoting deeper mutual understanding of each other’s defense policies and increasing transparency among the participating countries. The TDF seminar is a seminar open to the public where defense authorities and defense experts at home and abroad discuss security issues with the aim of promoting public understanding of and interest in security issues.

The Meeting of Senior Defense Officials on Common Security Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region and Tokyo-Seminar on Common Security Challenges

The meeting of senior defense officials was established for the purpose of conducting frank dialogues concerning the security issues confronting the region and developing close personal relationships by inviting senior defense officials from the ASEAN member nations to Japan.
Moreover, the Tokyo Seminar is held with the participation of experts from Japan and overseas. It takes as its themes security issues common to the Asia-Pacific region and measures for promoting regional cooperation, and adopts an open-style approach to promoting regional cooperation.

IISS Asia Security Summit (Shangri-La Dialogue)

The IISS Asia Security Summit is a multilateral conference forum where defense ministers centered on the Asia-Pacific nations discuss regional security issues and defense cooperation within the region. In addition to defense authorities, participation in the summit is also open to researchers, parliament members, and journalists.

ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)

The ARF was established as a forum for dialogue in the security field in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes China and Russia in addition to Japan and the ASEAN member nations. The purpose of the forum is to promote confidence building and prevent conflict in the region.