FY2014 Capacity Building Assistance Program in Timor-LesteTimorLeste

Outline of Program

Program Contents Vehicle Maintenance training
Period 3 September-20 November, 2014
Dispatched personnel 8 JGSDF officers (1 from JGSDF Fuji School and 7 from the Weapons School), one officer from the Capacity Building Assistance Office, Ministry of Defense, and 3 personnel from civilian organization
Attendees Timor-Leste Army Headquarters and logistical support units
Location Metinaro Base

Program Introduction

 The Ministry of Defense established a capacity building program with Timor-Leste in the field of vehicle maintenance, preventive maintenance and outdoor maintenance. This training enables the Timor-Leste Army to conduct necessary maintenance independently, and deal with problems promptly when a disaster occurs.

 In addition to technical maintenance training, to enhance administrative skills needed for maintenance, the JGSDF conducted a lecture teaching the importance of vehicle maintenance to officer level participants, who are in positions that instruct soldiers engaged in vehicle maintenance.


Captain Okada lecturing about structural function of vehicles

Sergeant 1st Class Okino instructing how to use apparatus for maintenance

Sergeant 1st Class Sasaki lecturing about parts for maintenance

Sergeant Miura instructing how to maintain vehicles

Sergeant Kubota supervising training

Preparing for outdoor maintenance

Outdoor maintenance education

Trainees conduct outdoor maintenance independently

Lecturing about maintenance

Classroom lecture

Graduation Ceremony(Other supporting countries such as Australia and New Zealand attended as well)

Commemorative photo at the graduation ceremony (Ambassador Yamamoto and Mr.Pint, the Timor-Leste Minister for Defense attended)