Capacity Building Assistance to Philippines FY 2017: Ship MaintenancePhilippines

Outline of Program

Period 26 - 28 September, 2017
Attendee 7 Officers from Philippines Navy
Location Ministry of Defense
JMSDF 2nd Service School
JMSDF Yokosuka Repair Supply Facility
Program contents Seminar on Ship Maintenance

 The JMOD held its first invitation program on ship maintenance as a Capacity Building Assistance Project for members of the Philippines Navy. The Philippines Navy personnel visited the JMSDF 2nd Service School and the JMSDF Yokosuka Repair Supply Facility, where they received briefings on ship maintenance, exchanged ideas and participated in facility and vessel tours.


Lecture in the training room Lecture
for Diesel Engines

Lecture in the simulator room
for Gas Turbine

Lecture at DDH "Izumo"

Lecture at the Yokosuka
Repair and Supply Facility