Military Music Training


Program Outline

Period 17 January - 7 March, 2018
Location Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)
Recipient 47 trainees, PNG Military Band
Delegation 5 JGSDF personnel

 The JMOD/JSDF conducted its long-term (about 2 months) music education program for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Band, with a view to further improving the necessary knowledge and technical skills of the band's new members. In this program, Japanese instructors taught music performance (individual, ensemble and marching), solfege and music theory.
 Through this program the PNG Military Band has achieved an intermediary performance technique level and now can play ensemble scores.


Trumpet training
Trumpet training

Marching performance
Marching performance

Etude for the PNG Military Band #1
If you click the picture above, you can listen to their performance.
- Etude for the PNG Military Band #1 "PNG March" -
The etude was composed by a GSDF instructor adapting the PNG national anthem.