FY 2015 Capacity Building Assistance Program for Mongolia :Civil EngineeringMongolia


Outline of Program

Period 19 July-14 September, 2015
Location Mongolian Army PKO Center (Tavan Tolgoi)
Delegation One official from Capacity Building Assistance Office Fifteen GSDF officers
Recipient 20 personnel from 014 unit of the Mongolian Army 1 instructor from Defense College of Mongolia 1 personnel from other unit

Japan has been conducting road construction training to the engineer unit of the Mongolian Army since FY2014. This year, following three weeks of education delivered in 2014 where the students learnt basic surveying theories, they constructed 200 meters of graveled road at the Mongolian Army's PKO center.
While the students were initially unfamiliar with the new construction method of piling up layers of different materials, they quickly learned the methods delicate technique and eventually administered and performed safety management by themselves.
Five trainees, who studied at the JGSDF Engineer School during last year's program, played active parts in this summer's long-term program by getting involved in the training. Japan plans to invite a small number of trainees to study at the GSDF Engineering School at the end of FY 2015. By combining our training programs in Mongolia and Japan, we continue to advance productive human resource development.


Mr. Nishi, the then -Administrative Vice-Minister of defense, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

7 Officers were dispatched at first and 8 officers followed in the latter half of the program

3 weeks of basic education

After completing the basic education

Surveying training

Surveying training

Soil quantity calculation

CAD Drawing

Executive officers making a schedule chart

JSDF officers support the Mongolian Army to make blueprints for road construction

Construction begins

Construction process

Digging side ditches

Constructing a freeze-prevention layer

Constructing a freeze-prevention layer

Constructing a freeze-prevention layer

Explaining how to construct upper layer

Constructing upper layer

Constructing upper layer

The Mongolian Army maintaining side ditches


Water supply by the Mongolian Army

The Mongolian Army personnel discussing construction procedure

After the closing ceremony