Capacity Building Assistance to Lao PDR FY 2017:HA/DR: Search & Rescue and First Aid Training ProgramLaos

Outline of Program

Period 20 - 24 November, 2017
Location Vientiane, Lao PDR
Delegation 3 officials from International Policy Division, MOD
8 GSDF officers
Recipient 65 Lao People's Army personnel

 The JMOD held this HA/DR Training Program as part of its capacity building assistance to the Lao People's Army. The program focused on transferring "Search &anp; Rescue and First Aid" skills through practical training and exercises. The program included a train-the-trainers element so that the Lao People's Army can sustain efforts to build their own disaster response capability.
Lao PDR has recently been exposed to an increased occurrence of natural disasters such as flooding and landslides, and as such, the JMOD program aims to develop the Lao People's Army disaster response capacity so that they can protect the lives and assets of the Lao people. All Lao People's Army personnel participated in the program with great enthusiasm and worked hard to obtain the skills and techniques provided by GSDF instructors.
 On the occasion of the closing ceremony, the Deputy Defense Minister conferred the "Medal of People's Army" to each Japan delegation member in recognition of their contributions to building and advancing friendship between Japan and Lao PDR.


Classroom-based Training
Opening Ceremony

Search and Rescue Training
Engine cutter training

Search and Rescue Training
Training rescue method of injured casualty

Search and Rescue Training
Training trainers on management and leadership

Search and Rescue Training
Transferring know-how to the commander of the SAR (search and rescue) unit

Completion Ceremony
Lao People's Army personnel eager to learn from Japan Ground Self Defense Force instructors

Completion Ceremony
Improved teamwork of transferring casualties by a rescue unit

Completion Ceremony
Handing of completion certificates to participants

Completion Ceremony
Group photo with Deputy Defense Minister (center) after conferral of the People's Army medal