Capacity Building Assistance

1. What is capacity building assistance (CBA)?

CBA is to help other country improve its own capacity by utilizing Japan's capacity.

2. CBA in the field of security and defense

The international community has recognized the importance of CBA in the field of security and defense, such as HA/DR, maritime security, and UN PKO.

Defense authorities of Southeast Asian and other nations have requested Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD) for CBA on various occasions.

3. Strategic guidance by Japanese Government's policy documents

(1) The National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) in 2010 stipulated for the first time that Japan will engage in CBA by utilizing the capabilities of Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF).

(2) The National Security Strategy (NSS) in 2013 refers to the further strategic utilization of CBA and seamless assistance in security-related areas. NDPG in 2013 and the Mid-term Defense Program also stipulate to expand the range of countries receiving CBA and the scope of the assistance.

4. CBA by JMOD

JMOD actively engages in CBA to meet the needs of other countries by utilizing its own capabilities as follows:

(1) Target

Armed Forces or related organizations

(2) Fields

HA/DR, military medicine, maritime security, UN PKO, etc.

(3) Format

  • Long-term education and training in recipient countries
  • Short-term seminar in recipient countries
  • Short-term invitation program to Japan

(4) Objectives and benefits

  • Stabilize and improve the international security environment in order to secure Japan's national security, through the outcomes below.
    1. Contribution by recipient countries themselves to stabilize and improve the international security environment.
    2. Strengthening relations with recipient countries.
    3. Strengthening relations with other donor countries such as the United States and Australia.
    4. Improvement of Japan's reliability in the international community.
  • Improve JSDF's capabilities

Examples of JMOD's CBA Projects