Defense Minister's Remarks

Violation of Japanese Airspace by Russian Aircraft (February 9, 2008)


February 9 (Saturday), 2008
7:30:36 A.M. ? 7:33:24 A.M.


Airspace over territorial waters near the island of Sofugan which lies in the southern part of the Izu Islands
Intrusion: 29° 47' N, 140° 07' E
Exit: 29° 52' N, 140° 34' E

Nationality and Type of Aircraft

Russian Tu-95, one aircraft


Warnings were sent. No reply was received.

Emergency Deployment

In response, emergency deployment was ordered of the Air Self-Defense Force fighter aircraft (F-15's, 22 aircraft) and Early warning and control aircraft (E-767's, 2 aircraft).

-Attachment: Outline of of Aircraft that Violated Airspace(PDF:62K)
-Attachment: Aircraft that Committed the Airspace Violation (Tu-95)(PDF:61K)