Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense

Biographical Data

Name: Katashi, TOYOTA
Present Position: Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense
Born: 16th September 1958, Hokkaido Prefecture
Education: March 1982, Graduated from University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense, Katashi, TOYOTA

Career in Outline

Apr 1982 Joined JDA
Coordination Division, Bureau of Equipment
Sep 2002 Director, Defense Intelligence Division, Bureau of Defense Policy
Jul 2004 Director, Welfare Division, Bureau of Personnel and Education
Aug 2005 Director, Operations Planning Division, Bureau of Defense Operations
Jul 2006 Director, Defense Operations Division, Bureau of Operational Policy
Sep 2006 Director, Secretarial Division, Secretariat of Minister of State for Defense
Jan 2007 Director, Secretarial Division, Minister's Secretariat
Jan 2008 Press Secretary
Aug 2009 Deputy Director General, Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office
Sep 2011 Deputy Director General, Bureau of Local Cooperation
Jul 2013 Director General, Bureau of Personnel and Education
Jul 2014 Director General, Minister's Secretariat, JMOD
Aug 2017 Current Position