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Defending Japan’s peace from the skies, Build a structure for defending Japan

Build a structure for defending Japan

Acquire and Strengthen Capabilities in Space, Cyber and Electromagnetic Domains

Strengthen Capabilities in Space Domain

Establish 1 squadron of ASDF space domain mission unit in order to contribute stable use of the space.

  • - Establish a space situational awareness (SSA) system
  • - Newly introduce space-based optical telescopes and SSA laser ranging devices
  • - Newly introduce training devices to study and train responses to the vulnerabilities of Japanese satellites, and devices to grasp the state of electromagnetic interference against Japanese satellites

Strengthen Capability in Cyber Domain

ASDF will build the capability to ensure the stable use of cyberspace.

  • - Enhance the resiliency of the C4 systems of SDF

Strengthen Capability in Electromagnetic Domain

To ensure the superiority in the electromagnetic domain, JASDF will strengthen its capabilities to neutralize opponents' radar and communications.

  • - Procure radio wave information gathering aircraft and ground-based SIGINT sensor
  • - Upgrade Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment (JADGE)
  • - Procure fighters (F-35A) and upgrade fighters (F-15)
  • - R & D aimed at the procurement of standoff EW aircraft, etc.
  • Procurement of F-35A for Improving the Electronic Warfare Capabilities
  • Upgrading the capabilities of F-15

Strengthen a Posture of Persistent ISR

  • An airborne early warning aircraft, E -2 D, will be introduced and a new airborne early warning wing will be established. In order to enhance the air defense posture and operate effectively in airspace around Japan including vast airspace on the Pacific side, ASDF will establish 1 airborne early warning (AEW) wing.
    We will also introduce 9 E-2D airborne early warning aircraft.
    Airborne Early Warning E-2D
  • ASDF will establish 1 squadron of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unit to strengthen the continuous surveillance capability in times of emergency. In order to be able to conduct information collection in areas relatively remote from Japan and persistent airborne monitoring during situations with heightened tensions, ASDF will establish 1 squadron of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) unit. Unmanned aerial vehicles Global Hawk
  • Upgrade the capabilities of the existing airborne warning and control systems. Implement aircraft modifications necessary for conversion of central computing devices and installation of electronic warfare support equipment in order to improve the warning and surveillance capabilities of the existing E-767. Airborne warning and control systems E-767
  • Develop a new fixed air defense radar Develop next-generation warning and control radar equipment which possesses sufficient detection and tracking capabilities to respond to future airborne threats and ballistic missiles and which are superior in resiliency and economic efficiency.
  • Prepare an operating base for mobile air defense radars Prepare an operating base for mobile air defense radars on the islands on the Pacific side.

Obtain and Maintain Air Superiority


We will ensure the quality and quantity of fighter units so that we can acquire and maintain air superiority in the airspace surrounding Japan, including vast airspace on the Pacific side.

  • Increase in F-35A Acquisition of 45 cutting-edge F-35A fighters by FY2023 (Of these, 18 will be STOVL aircraft)
  • Introduction of the STOVL* aircraft ASDF will newly introduce fighters that are capable of short take-off and vertical landing (hereinafter referred to as “STOVL aircraft”) to enhance the flexibility of fighter operations, as the number of air bases that allow for conventional take-off and landing of fighters is limited.*STOVL(Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing)
  • Upgrade the capabilities of modernized fighter aircraft (F-15) Improving the Electronic Warfare capabilities of 20 F-15 Fighters.
  • Upgrade the capabilities of fighter aircraft (F-2) including the enhancement of network functions
Support function

Support functions will also be improved so that fighter units can demonstrate their capabilities.

  • Procure aerial refueling/transport aircraft Establish 1 squadron of aerial refueling/transport units to enhance its aerial refueling/transport function.thus increasing the number of such squadron as 2. Also, 4 KC-46A aerial refueling/transport will be newly introduced.
  • Procure rescue helicopters (UH-60J) ASDF will continue to procure rescue helicopters (UH-60J) in order to ensure wide-area and long-time search and rescue operations.

Stand-off Defense Capability

  • Stand-off missile maintenanceIn order to deal with ships and landing forces attempting to invade Japan while ensuring safety of SDF personnel, SDF will procure stand-off missiles, which are capable of responding from the outside of their threat envelopes.

Comprehensive Air and Missile Defense Capability

In order to operate units more efficiently, JASDF will reorganize surface-to-air guided missile units from 6 fire groups to 4 groups while maintaining 24 fire squadrons.

Procure interceptor missiles with upgraded capabilities (PAC-3MSE)
  • Along with continuing to procure middle-range surface-to-air guided missiles, SDF will continue to improve its surface-to-air guided missile PATRIOT systems by equipping them with new advanced interceptor missiles (PAC-3 MSE) that can be used both for response to cruise missiles and aircraft and for ballistic missile defense (BMD).
Upgrade Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment (JADGE)

In order to reinforce the detecting and tracking capabilities for missiles and to unitarily command and control the various equipment that each SDF service possesses, SDF will proceed with initiatives such as upgrading its Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment (JADGE).

Develop a new fixed air defense radar
Add cooperative engagement capability (CEC) to E-2D

Maneuver and Deployment Capability

Procure transport aircraft (C-2) to upgrade Maneuver and Deployment Capability
  • In order to secure capabilities for swift and large-scale transportation and deployment operations for a wide variety of situations and improve effective deterrence and counter capabilities, ASDF will continue to procure transport aircraft (C-2)