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Defending Japan’s peace from the skies,Evolution in JASDF

Cross-Domain Operations

In the contemporary warfare, combining capabilities across all domains, from traditional domains such as land, sea and air to new domains such as space, cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum to generate synergy and amplify the overall strength is vitally important.
Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) will execute cross-domain operations, so that even when inferiority exists in individual domain, such inferiority will be overcome and national defense be accomplished.

Responding to New Domains

Strengthen Capabilities in Space Domain

JASDF will newly establish a unit specialized in space. It will contribute to enhancing stable use of the space.

Strengthen Capability in Cyber Domain

JASDF will strengthen its capability to ensure the safety in the cyberspace.

Strengthen Capability in Electromagnetic Domain

To ensure the superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum domain, JASDF will strengthen its capabilities to neutralize opponents' radar and communications.

  • Procurement of F-35A for Improving the Electronic Warfare Capabilities
  • Upgrading the capabilities of F-15

Enhance Capabilities in Traditional Domains

In order to effectively and efficiently counter increasingly diverse and complex airborne threats such as ballistic and cruise missiles and aircraft by optimum means and minimize damage, SDF will establish a structure with which to conduct integrated operation of various equipment pieces,those for missile defense as well as air defense equipment that each SDF service has separately used, thereby providing persistent nation-wide protection on a steady-state basis and to be able to simultaneously deal with multiple, complex airborne threats.

Build integrated missile air defense capabilities *An example of comprehensive missile air defense