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Airspace Surrounding Japan

The security environment surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly severe.

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Number of Scrambles and Its Breakdown

Number of Scrambles and Its Breakdown

Since 2010, for Chinese aircraft Urgent start is increasing rapidly.

Further expansion of China's military activities

In the East China Sea and other waters, China is expanding and intensifying its military activities at sea and in the air. China is also expanding its military activities in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.
In particular, the Chinese military in recent years has frequently advanced to the Pacific, with its navigation routes and unit composition becoming more diverse.
Such Chinese military and other developments, coupled with the lack of transparency surrounding its defense policy and military power, represent a serious security concern for the region including Japan and for the international community.
Japan needs to continue to pay utmost attention to these developments.

  • First advancement of the Chinese Air Force fighter Su-30s into the Sea of Japan(Dec.2017)
  • "Y-9" first confirmed to enter the Sea of Japan over the Western Channel of the Tsushima Strait (Feb. 2018) Navigation by the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier "Liaoning" in waters near Okinawa(Apr.2018)

North Korea's ballistic missile launches

North Korea in recent years has launched ballistic missiles at unprecedented frequency, rapidly improving its operational capabilities such as simultaneous launch and surprise attack. Given technological maturity obtained through a series of nuclear tests, North Korea is assessed to have already successfully miniaturized nuclear weapons to fit ballistic missile warheads.
Such military developments of North Korea pose grave and imminent threats to Japan’s security and significantly undermine peace and security of the region and the international community.

  • North Korea launched ballistic missiles (Nov.2017)

Increasing Military Activities in Russia

Russia moving forward with the modernization of its military forces as well as intensifying its military activities. Russia’s military activities are trending upward in the Far East including Japan’s Northern Territories. Close attention therefore needs to be paid to its developments.

  • Russian Tu-95 bombers and Su-35 fighters flew around the sea of Japan,etc.(Feb.2019)
  • Reported by the press that 3Su-35 fighter aircraft were deployed on Etorofu Island(Aug.2018)