What is JASDF?

JASDF was established on July 1, 1954 when the Defense Agency replaced the Security Agency, in order to bear the defense mission of Japan. Of the Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), JASDF is the youngest department. There are 46,942 airmen and 2,971 civilian officials for a total of 49,913 persons (as of the end of 2018).

Many different organizations are organized to work together in order to reliably carry out the mission to"Defend".

The Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Force, centering on the armed organizations of the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces, are organized with various organizations such as National Defense Academy, National Defense Medical Collage, National Institute for Defense Studies, Technical Research and Development Institute, Equipment Procurement and Construction Office, and Inspector General Office. JASDF established the "Air Staff Office" in Ichigaya, Tokyo. The "Air Defense Command" is the main force formation for air defense and covers all of Japan. Furthermore, other organizations, such as "Air Support Command" handling transportation, "Air Training Command" for education, "Air Development and Test Command" involved in aerial technique development, and "Air Material Command" in charge of the supply of equipment and commodities, are organized to work together to accomplish each mission.

Air Staff Office

The Air Staff Office is the chief organization for military service operations and includes the Chief of Staff of JASDF and his assistant agency. The ASO works under the staff of the Minister of Defense.

Air Defense Command

The Air Defense Command is the first-line troop to be given an air combat mission. Consisting of the Air Defense Command, Headquarters, Air Defense Force and other directly controlled forces, the unit carries out command and operations in an integrated manner.

Air Support Command

The Air Support Command supports the Air Defense Command by carrying out air strategy. In addition to the headquarters, the unit consists of troops for air transportation, air control, weather, and maintenance.

Air Training Command

The Air Training Command provides education to SDF members in an integrated manner, and Technical school an educational agency that provides basic education and training, and teaches expertise and skills necessary for a SDF member.

Air Development and Test Command

The Air Development and Test Command develops the ever-changing aircraft and equipment, aeromedicine, human engineering, and conducts a wide range of research.

Air Material Command

The Air Material Command controls supply depots No.2, No.3, and No.4 of JASDF, and is in charge of the procurement, safe-keeping, recruitment, and maintenance of necessary fuel, ammunition, and equipment.

Other Units and Organizations

In addition, there are other units and organizations such as the "Air Communications and Systems Wing", "Central Band", "Air Staff College ", "SDF Hospitals in Misawa, Gifu, and Naha", etc.