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Department of Ground Systems Development is in charge of developing ground based systems and equipments for ground warfare such as firearms & artillery,combat vehicles, and C3I systems except guided weapons systems.

Firing Command and Control System@iebbrj

FCCS is developed in order to replace currently fielded systems, so-called FADS and FADAC for Field Artillery Units. The system enables JGSDF to obtain information superiority through collecting and processing target-information in wide area. The system also enables JGSDF to execute rapid and accurate fire combat through allocating fire powers appropriately.

New Tank

New Tank is the successor to the current main battle tanks. This MBT will have improved firepower, protection, and mobility together with advanced C4I.
NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle

mab qu is the successor to the current chemical reconnaissance vehicle and the biological reconnaissance vehicle. Chemical corps will be equipped with this vehicle. This is useful for rapid scout for NBC agents in wide area in order to make the follow-on operation easier.
Recent major accomplishment
Image Recognition Type Mine Detector

This equipment can detect land mines rapidly and surely by displaying the image of detected mine information.
The New Type Military Bridge

The new type military bridge, which is
equipped to engineer units, is the system that
shows long spanning ability with enough