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Department of Guided Weapon Systems Development is in charge of developing various types of guided missile systems and equipments.

The Standard Missile-3 Block IIA @Cooperative Development Project

Based on the results of Joint Cooperative Research for the four primary components of the advanced Missile, Japan and US started the Cooperative Development Project. Photos show hover test of a kinetic warhead of the research phase.

(a test movie here (sorry, japanese only))

the hover test of the kinetic warhead

Aegis BMD missile
 Depending on the intercept point, Ballistic Missile Defense Systems can be categorized into three types; 1)Boost Phase Kill system, 2)Mid-course Phase Kill System and 3)Terminal Phase Kill System. Each system is optimized for each intercept scenario.
 Japan-US Joint Co-operative Research Program (JCR) for Aegis BMD System is concerned with Sea-based Mid-course Phase Kill System. Exploiting the effective result, Japan and US have commenced the co-operative development of the advanced Standard Missile-3 for Aegis BMD System.

Improved Type-88 Surface-to-Ship Missile System

The successor to Type-88 SSM-1system, the improved one will be used by Armies of JGSDF for effective anti-ship operations.

Recent major accomplishment
Type 03 Medium-range Surface-to-Air Missile

As the successor of the Improved HAWK System, this system provides air defense coverage over Ground Self Defense Force operation areas from air attack.