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 Department of Air Systems Development is in charge of developing aircrafts, aircraft engines, avionics and other equipments.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft (P-X) and Cargo Aircraft (C-X)
          The World's First "2-Aircraft in 1-Development" Project

Maritime Patrol Aircraft (P-X)

Cargo Aircraft (C-X)
TRDI, MOD, has been developing both the P-X next fixed wing patrol aircraft and the C-X next cargo aircraft as the replacements of the JMSDF P-3C patrol aircraft and JASDF C-1 cargo aircraft since JFY2001. This is the first domestic development program of the large aircraft since C-1 and YS-11. In world-wide, there is no similar big-project developing both patrol and cargo aircraft simultaneously. In the project, we create as many common structural parts and equipment as possible between the two aircraft, a process that can only be successful in this 2-aircraft in 1-development. Moreover, we use COTS products extensively to enable a large amount of cost reduction in development and production. The proto-typing of the P-X and C-X continues until 2009. TRDI plans to have completed the test and evaluation for both systems by 2011.
Flight Control System for a High Maneuver Aircraft

We research on a technology for the flight control system that integrates engine thrust vectoring and flight control, and a technology for the optimized aerodynamics shape to enable both stealth and high-maneuver capabilities.

Full scale RCS test model
Unmanned Aircraft Research System

We research on a medium size UAV which is launched from F-15, flies and lands autonomously.
The purpose of the research is to exploit ways to operate UAV in an authentic air traffic environment and to develop UAV operational concept for reconnaissance and other missions.
Recent major accomplishment
Search and Rescue Amphibious Aircraft

US-2 is a successor to the MSDF US-1A for search and rescue missions.