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 Topics & News

02/11/2018Dr. Alexander Duleba, Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) visit the MCSC.
11/10/2018The 8th Western Pacific Naval Symposium Short Term Exchange Program for Officers of the Next Generations
28/09/2018Instructors and Students, Australian Defence Force School of Languages (DFSL) visit MCSC
26/09/2018Dr. James E. Auer, Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University, visits the MCSC.
30/08/2018Messages from JMSDF officers studying abroad (The Australian Defence College Commander Masato Murayama)
21/08/2018Dr. Sayed Ghoneim, Chairman, Institute for Global Security and Defense Affairs, visits the MCSC.
09/08/2018Messages from JMSDF officers studying abroad (Johns Hopkins University LCDR Hisanari Saito)
26/07/2018MCSC President visits the Tsukuba Space Center
11/07/2018Commander of Naval Education & Training Command, Republic of Korea Navy visits the MCSC
09/07/2018APNIC2018 Photo Album
03/07/2018APNIC2018 Closing Ceremony
29/06/2018APNIC 2018 Practical Session
25/06/2018APNIC 2018 Cultural Tour Event
25/06/2018APNIC 2018 Lectures
19/06/2018APNIC 2018 Opening Ceremony at Command and Staff College
23/04/2018H.E. Héctor Alejandro Palma Cerna, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras in Japan visits the MCSC
19/04/2018PLA Senior Colonel Yuan Yang, Senior fellow, Academy of Military Science (AMS) and other 1 Research fellow visit the MCSC.
19/04/2018Dr. Rafal Rohosinski, CEO of the SecDev Group and one president-director of the same group visited the MCSC
23/03/2018Peter Dutton, Director, China Maritime Studies Institute, and a professor from Naval War College visit the MCSC.
13/03/2018JMSDF Command and Staff College & U.S. Naval War College co-hosted workshop on Japanese Security & International Law,Ⅲ
12/03/2018The 21st Asia Pacific Naval College Seminar
08/03/2018Brigadier Ewen A. Murchison, Head of Futures and Strategic Analysis, Development, Concept and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) and one other person visited the MCSC
02/03/2018Visit on the U.S. by VADM Yuasa, President, JMSDF Command and Staff College.
22/02/2018RADM Prachachart Sirisawat, Commandant, Naval War College, Naval Education Department, Royal Thai Navy visits the MCSC.
22/02/2018Noriya Nakazawa, Commander and PhD candidate at the Fletcher School, had a lecture about security in East Asia at University of Massachusetts Boston
22/02/2018Mr. Jeffrey W. Hornung, RAND Corporation and other 1 researcher visit the MCSC.
07/02/2018Dr. Yuki Tatsumi, Director of the Japan Program, Stimson Center and other 2 researchers visit the MCSC.
02/02/2018Jo Inge Bekkevold, Head of Centre for Asian Security Studies, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) visits the MCSC.
18/01/201818 students from SAIS (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies) visits the MCSC.


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