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Message from Chief of Staff

I express my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their lives in heavy rains in Northern Kyushu Region in July 2017 and I sincerely hope that living conditions of those who were affected by the disaster will be restored as early as possible.

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for giving much support and understanding to the JMSDF. I hope family members of the JMSDF, those from cooperation organizations, and those of you visiting the website are staying cool and dry as lingering summer heat is still intense in late August.

JS Izumo, the JMSDF’s biggest destroyer and JS Sazanami returned to the homeports Yokosuka and Kure respectively on August 9 2017 after three-month overseas deployment in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. During the deployment, the ships conducted the Japan-US and Japan-US-Australian joint cruise exercises and Japan-ASEAN Ship Rider Program as they also participated in the Maritime Fleet Review in Singapore, the Pacific Partnership 2017 in Vietnam, and the Japan-US-India trilateral exercise in India (MALABAR 2017). President Rodrigo Duterte paid visit to JS Izumo on JS Izumo’s goodwill visit to the Philippines.

Through these exercises, we were able to promote mutual understanding and build trusting relationship with our partner maritime services. Additionally, I believe that the exercises also allowed other nations to understand the high level of the JMSDF’s interoperability and our commitment to ensuring maritime security. Therefore, the deployment was very meaningful.
(To see the details of our operations, go to JMSDF homepage Izumo, Sazanami

We face greater security challenges and uncertainty in the Asia Pacific including areas surrounding our nation. It is also clear to see so-called increased and prolonged gray zone of conflict in neither peacetime nor emergency over territory, sovereignty, and economic interests as well as modernization and buildup of military power and activation of military operations by our surrounding countries. Besides defending Japan, we will contribute to further promoting cooperation and exchange with our partner navies to improve global security environment.

We would like to kindly ask for your continued understanding and support to the JMSDF.

RANK :  Admiral (1 December, 2016)
SPECIALITY :  Supply & Accounting
DATE OF BIRTH :  29 January, 1958
PLACE OF BIRTH :  Kanagawa Prefecture
EDUCATION :  National Defense Academy

1995   Commander
2000   Captain
2008   Rear Admiral
2013   Vice Admiral
2016   Admiral
2003    Deputy Director of Finance Division, and Chief of Financial Management Section, MSO
2004    Director of Accounts Department, SASEBO District
2006    Director of Administration Division, MSO
2008    Deputy Director general of Administration Department, MSO
2009    Commander, Sub Area Activity HANSHIN
2010    Superintendent MSDF 4th Service School
2011    Director General of Personnel and Education Department, MSO
2013    Commander, Maritime Materiel Command
2015    Vice Chief of Staff, Maritime Staff Office
2016    Present Assignment