CMS Message

2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

  I would like to send my sincerest condolences for the people killed in the earthquake disaster and to express my deepest sympathy to those who are affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes.

  The JMSDF has sent the ships and aircrafts, as well as personnel from each regional unit, equipment, and disaster relief dogs to the Joint Task Force, continually engaging in activities such as providing rescue of human life and life support for the affected after the earthquakes in resolve to initial response with utmost effort under the leadership of Joint Task Force Commander (Commanding General of Western Army) and Naval Disaster Component Commander (Commandant, the Sasebo District).
  The JMSDF as Naval Disaster Command has been engaged in transporting water and food with the use of LST Osumi, LST Shimokita, and DDH Hyuga which are used for sea-based asset as air-operation and logistic support in addition to conducting air transportation from the air bases. DDH Izumo was also engaged in transporting JGSDF Northern Army’s reinforcement unit from Otaru Port to Hakata Port. Additionally, we have been doing our best sending bath supporting units, mobile construction groups, and medical teams from each base to the affected areas to provide bathing, water, medical treatment, and road restoration.

  In our resolve to “Initial response, do everything we can do”, the JMSDF continues to support the Joint Task Force which enables to provide maximum assistance to everyone on site.


NAME :  Tomohisa TAKEI
RANK :  Admiral
DATE OF BIRTH :  12 January,1957
PLACE OF BIRTH :  Nagano Prefecture
EDUCATION :  National Defense Academy
Tsukuba University
(Main International Politics)
2001    Commander, Escort Division 1
2002    Director, Systems Programs Division, MSO
2004    Deputy Director General, Administration Department, MSO
2006    Director, C4 Systems Department, JSO
2007    Chief of Staff, Commandant Kure District
2008    Director General, Operations and Plans Department, MSO
2010    Commandant, Ominato District
2011    Vice Chief of Staff, MSDF
2012    Commandant, Yokosuka District
2014    Present Assignment