CMS Message

Message from Chief of Staff

Greetings from new Chief of Staff, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). I cordially would like to introduce myself that I am Admiral Murakawa, the 33rd Chief of Staff, JMSDF.

I took over the duty of the Chief of Staff from Admiral Takei, my predecessor today. The JMSDF marks 65th anniversary of the establishment soon. During that period, we have actively engaged in eatablishing stable maritime security as well as defending our country. Those activities in recent years include patrolling the increasingly severe seas around Japan, conducting counter-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia for the past 7 years, and coping with frequent natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquakes, which the people of Japan have higher expectations for our missions. Additionally, we have engaged in an increasing number of long-term intense missions and missions which require us to carry out expeditiously.

In particular, situations of grey area which can refer to neither peace time nor contingency over territory, sovereignty, and economic interests, are expanding both geographically and temporally, and cannot be solved even though they can bring about serious crisis.

These are the long-term challenges in the grey area situations that we have to put our every possible effort in order not to make the situations worsen although the outcomes cannot be easily seen.

In light of the given situations, the JMSDF aims to establish the robust action of “ready to fight” which we have been promoting, and will set about our concrete missions to strengthen the personnel, operational, and equipment technology foundations from this year.

I am aware that engaging in increasingly challenging daily missions to deal with grey area situations, contributing to global maritime security, and ensuring robustness in strengthening the three foundations in the future are the challenges we have to address with sense of responsibility from every member of the JMSDF and the spirit of comradeship.

I am determined to lead the JMSDF under the mottos of “robustness, full readiness, and succession of the traditions” which I have taken over from my predecessors.

Your continued understanding and support to the JMSDF is greatly appreciated.

RANK :  Admiral (1 December, 2016)
SPECIALITY :  Supply & Accounting
DATE OF BIRTH :  29 January, 1958
PLACE OF BIRTH :  Kanagawa Prefecture
EDUCATION :  National Defense Academy

1995   Commander
2000   Captain
2008   Rear Admiral
2013   Vice Admiral
2016   Admiral
2003    Deputy Director of Finance Division, and Chief of Financial Management Section, MSO
2004    Director of Accounts Department, SASEBO District
2006    Director of Administration Division, MSO
2008    Deputy Director general of Administration Department, MSO
2009    Commander, Sub Area Activity HANSHIN
2010    Superintendent MSDF 4th Service School
2011    Director General of Personnel and Education Department, MSO
2013    Commander, Maritime Materiel Command
2015    Vice Chief of Staff, Maritime Staff Office
2016    Present Assignment