Security Consultative Committee Document: Host Nation Support

June 21, 2011

Security Consultative Committee Document
Host Nation Support

Secretary of State Clinton
Secretary of Defense Gates
Minister for Foreign Affairs Matsumoto
Minister of Defense Kitazawa

The Ministers welcomed the results of the comprehensive review of Host Nation Support (HNS) followed by the entry into force of the current Special Measures Agreement (SMA) in April 2011, which serves as a pillar of the Alliance.

The Ministers confirmed that the overall level of HNS is to be maintained at the Japanese Fiscal Year (JFY) 2010 level (bearing in mind the budget of 188.1 billion yen in the JFY 2010) over the five years of the SMA period. The Ministers affirmed that the two governments will implement a phased reduction of labor and utilities costs that the Government of Japan funds, while adding the amount of this reduction to the Facilities Improvement Program (FIP) funding in the current SMA period (FIP funding over the current SMA period is to be no less than 20.6 billion yen per year).

The SCC members confirmed their intent to work through the Joint Committee to make FIP more efficient, stable, and transparent to achieve greater energy efficiency as well as to respond to U.S. operational and mission requirements.

The Ministers shared the view to continue to exert maximum effort to maintain stable employment of the employees of the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan while reducing labor costs.