Japan Ground Self-Defense Force / Central Readiness Force


What is the CRFiCentral Readiness ForcejH

CRF is major command equivalent to the Regional Armies and it was established in order to fulfill roles presented by Basic defense program(Dec,2004) in ASAKA stationTOKYO.
The major roles of the CRF are to deal with internatinoal peace cooperation acrivities and diverse domestic contingencies highly responsively.

Roles in International Peace Coopeation Actitvities

The CRF dispatches the advance troop and commands dispatched units. And the CRF is responsible for the training of International peace cooperation Activities.

International Peace Cooperation Activities

Activities based on the "Law Concerning Japan's Cooperation in the U.N. Peacekeeping Activity and other Activities"

International Disaster Relief Activities

Activities based on the "Low Concerning the Dispatch of International Disaster Relief Teams"

Tranportation of Japanese nationals overseas

When disasters, riots or other emergencies occurres overseas, the CRF tansports expatriate Japanese nationals.

Anti-Piracy Activities

Activities based on the "Low on Penalization of Acts of Piracy and Measures against Acts of Piracy"
The CRF conducts Guard units for P-3C.

Examples of Peace Cooperation Activities conducted by CRF
(Under enforcement is included)
United Nations Disengagement Observer Force
United Nations mission in Nepal
United Nations mission Sudan
Deployment Force for Anti-Piracy Activities
Disaster relief operation in Haiti
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti

Domestic Role

In case of guerrilla and Special Operations Forces attacks, the CRF deploys subordinate units such as the 1st Airborne Brigade, the 1st Helicopter Brigade and the Special Forces Gp, as required.