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Implementation of International Emergency Relief Activities (Medical Activities) by SDF Units in Response to the Large-Scale Earthquake in the Republic of Haiti

(Press Release)

January 20, 2010
Ministry of Defense

In regard to the large-scale earthquake in the Republic of Haiti, the necessary investigations have been carried out based on the Instruction and the General Order for Preparation issued by the Minister of Defense on January 18, 2010.

As a result, it has been decided that medical activities will be implemented starting today, and the Minister of Defense has issued an order for the implementation of the activities.

The outline of the order is as follows.

1. In the Republic of Haiti, the International Disaster Relief Medical Support Unit for Haiti consisting of about 100 members will be organized to implement medical activities in the Haitian city of Leogane. The unit will take over the activities of the medical team of the Japan Disaster Relief Team.

2. A structure of about 30 members will be established for the Joint Coordination and Liaison Office (currently about 10 members) that has been set up in order to conduct communication and coordination with the relevant organizations in the Republic of Haiti.

3. The International Disaster Relief Airlift Unit for Haiti will continue its activities, and transport personnel and supplies of the International Disaster Relief Medical Support Unit for Haiti between Florida in the United States and the Republic of Haiti. * The C-130H transportation aircraft will be replaced tomorrow or later (departure from Komaki).

(This is a provisional translation for reference purposes only.)
The original text is in Japanese.