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Teleconference between Defense Minister Inada and U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis

March 7, 2017
Ministry of Defense

The original text is in Japanese.

 On March 7, following the latest missile launches by North Korea, Defense Minister Inada had a teleconference with U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis.

 Minister Inada stated that North Korea's repeated provocative actions were unacceptable in any way and that Japan-U.S. close cooperation was necessary. Secretary Mattis shared this view.

 Both Ministers confirmed that Japan and the United States would advance information sharing, leveraging various channels such as the Alliance Coordination Mechanism, and closely coordinate follow-up actions. They agreed to further bolster the deterrent and response capabilities of the Alliance. Secretary Mattis reaffirmed U.S. defense commitment to Japan by using every means including its extended deterrence commitment.

 Minister Inada and Secretary Mattis reiterated their commitment to development of close trilateral cooperation among Japan, U.S. and ROK.