Press Releases

Issuance of Instructions and Orders for Preparation of the Self-Defense Forces for Anti-Piracy Measures off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden

(Provisional Translation)

June 19, 2009
Ministry of Defense

1. Background

Since the Law on the Penalization of Acts of Piracy and Measures against Acts of Piracy (hereinafter “the Law?E was passed in the Diet on June 19, 2009, the Minister of Defense will order the anti-piracy measures in accordance with the provisions of Article 7, Paragraph 1 of the Law promptly after the Law is put into force.

2. Instructions

The Chiefs of Staffs and the Director General of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters shall take necessary measures, including the following:

a. Organizing a force, and others;
b. Procurement, replenishment, storage and maintenance of equipment, etc., and others;
c. Training, vaccination, etc.;
d. Coordination with related organizations, etc.; and
e. Information gathering.

3. Order

The Commander of the Central Readiness Force, the Commander in Chief of the Self-Defense Fleet, the Commander of the Air Support Command, etc., shall make the necessary preparations for prompt and appropriate implementation of anti-piracy measures after the Law is put into force.