Press Releases

Departure of the dispatched maritime force for response to piracy

(Provisional Translation)

March 13, 2009
Ministry of Defense

The force to respond to piracy off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden will depart as follows.

1. Names of dispatched vessels, and name of port of departure DD Sazanami and DD Samidare: MSDF Kure Base

2. Date of Departure
(1) March 14, 2009 (Saturday)

3. Commanders (Age as of the time of the departure)
Commander of the 8th Escort Division
CAPT Hiroshi GOTO (Age 50)

Commanding Officer of the DD Sazanami
CDR Kazuhiko MIZOE (Age 47)
Personnel: Approximately 200

Commanding Officer of the DD Samidare
CDR Yoichi MATSUI (Age 46)
Personnel: Approximately 200

4. Total Number of personnel
Approximately 400

5. Other
Eight Coast Guard Officers will accompany the force.