Photo Gallery(2014)


13th IISS Asia Security Summit (Shangri-La Dialogue) (May 30-June 1, 2014, Singapore)

ASDF 60th Anniversary Ceremony (May 25, 2014, ASDF Iruma Base)

Troop Inspection by Defense Minister Onodera (May 24, 2014, Hyogo prefecture)

Joint Exercise (Field Training Exercise) Inspection by Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense Takeda (May 22, 2014, Amami Islands)

Send-off Ceremony of the UNMISS 6th Engineer Unit (May 20, 2014, GSDF Camp Obihiro)

Troop Inspection etc. by Defense Minister Onodera (May 17-18, 2014, Shikoku district)

Returning Ceremony of the 17th Deployment Surface Force for Counter Piracy Enforcement (DSPE) (May 17, 2014, MSDF Kure district)

Visit to Italy, South Sudan, and Djibouti by Defense Minister Onodera (May 6-11, 2014)