MOD/SDF Official Cartoon Character, "Prince Pickles" and "Parsley"

"©Tomonaga Taro" holds the copyrights to the image of "Prince Pickles" and "Parsley" as well as a cartoon titled "Prince Pickles, Journey to Peace (provisional translation)."

The image of "Prince Pickles" and "Parsley" may be freely used when it is personally used as wallpaper on user's computer etc.

The image use of "Prince Pickles" and "Parsley" to put it on the Internet, presentation and so forth is limited to those involved in the Ministry of Defense (units, SDF Provincial Cooperation Office, personnel etc.) when they use it for publicity purposes of the MOD/SDF. However, others can use the image as a symbol for a link destination to the websites of the MOD/SDF as well as those of other organizations related to the MOD.

When using the image of "Prince Pickles" and "Parsley," the image cannot be edited except enlarging and reducing in proportionate size.