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MOD FY2018 Budget Request

MOD FY2018 Budget Request
MOD FY2018 Budget Request

The Ministry of Defense (MOD) released its overview of FY2018 budget request in late August.

The budget request for FY2018 states that the MOD will continue to steadily improve defense capabilities in order to develop a Dynamic Joint Defense Force, as the last fiscal year of defense build-up in accordance with the Medium Term Defense Program based on the National Defense Program Guidelines approved by the Cabinet in 2013.

While working on further improvement of joint functions of the JSDF, the MOD will build defense capabilities with particular emphasis on ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capabilities, intelligence capabilities, transportation capabilities, command and control, information and communications capabilities, as well as response to attacks on remote islands, response to ballistic missile attacks, response in outer space and cyber space, response to major disasters, and response in international peace cooperation activities, and other similar activities in light of securing technological superiority and maintaining defense production and technological bases. These defense capabilities will allow the MOD/JSDF to seamlessly and swiftly play such roles as practicing effective deterrence and responding to various situations, stabilizing the Asia-Pacific region and improving global security environments while working to further improve joint functions of the JSDF.

In light of the increasingly severe fiscal situations, the MOD will strive to achieve greater efficiency and streamlining of the budget compatible with other national policies through initiatives such as long-term contracts.

Vientiane Vision Initiative JAPAN-ASEAN Disaster Relief Study Tour

Vientiane Vision Initiative JAPAN-ASEAN Disaster Relief Study Tour

On August 30th and September 1st, The Ministry of Defense (MOD) conducted “JAPAN-ASEAN Disaster Relief Study Tour” based on the “Vientiane Vision,” inviting participants from Embassies of ASEAN countries in Japan. In total of 18 defense attachés and diplomats from Brunei, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam joined the program.

On August 30th, the group visited the Cabinet Office (Disaster Response Operation) and received an explanation about disaster management framework and disaster response operations of the Government of Japan (GOJ). Then, the group visited “The Ariake no Oka Core Wide-area Disaster Prevention Base” and received an explanation of the facility from staffs of the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. After looking around the facility, the group joined the disaster prevention experience-learning tour at SONA AREA TOKYO.

On September 1st, the group visited the venue for “Nine Cities and Prefectures joint disaster prevention training” in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The participants paid a courtesy call on the Defense Minister Onodera there. Furthermore, the group visited the Disaster Prevention Fair, and the training area with citizen participation and observed the Search and Rescue exercise.

During this 2-day program, there were lively discussions, and it was a precious opportunity for the MOD to introduce the participants not only disaster management and disaster response of the GOJ but also cooperation among national and local governments and grass-roots disaster prevention initiatives.

The Minister of Defense Receives a Courtesy Call from a Delegation Visiting Japan for the Japan-Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Program

The Minister of Defense Receives a Courtesy Call from a Delegation Visiting Japan for the Japan-Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Program
The Minister of Defense Receives a Courtesy Call from a Delegation Visiting Japan for the Japan-Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Program

On August 21st, Minister of Defense Onodera received a courtesy call from a delegation visiting Japan for the Japan-Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Program organized by the Nippon Foundation. The delegation was led by Lieutenant General Aye Win, Inspector General Defense Services, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and accompanied by Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation.

Minister of Defense expressed that he was happy to welcome the delegation for the Japan-Myanmar Military Officials Exchange Program. The Minister also stated this program, which marks its fourth time being held, fulfills an important role for advancing exchanges between the two countries and that he would like to continue with defense cooperation and exchanges in various fields with Myanmar, including this program.

In response, the delegation head, Lieutenant General Aye Win expressed his great honor for being able to meet with the Minister of Defense at this time. He also noted that this program is meaningful not only for participants, but for the entire Myanmar Armed Forces as well, and that they hoped to learn a great deal in Japan.

In addition to the above, both sides discussed bilateral defense cooperation and exchanges, including Japanese language education at Myanmar Army Officer Training School and various supports JSDF providing in the field of capacity building.

Enoshima Class Minesweeper

Enoshima Class Minesweeper

For this edition, we will take a closer look at the latest Enoshima class minesweeper. The minesweeper Enoshima is the first minesweeper in the JMSDF fleet to be made from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), instead of the conventional wood-built vessels. The Enoshima class minesweeper is also one of the largest vessels in the world.

This FRP-built minesweeper is difficult to detect by magnetic resonance mines, as wood-built vessels are. This type of vessel is expected to play an active role not only in Japan, but overseas as well, given the fact it offers superior durability and is lighter weight than conventional wood-built vessels.

  • ►Displacement: 570t (standard)
  • ►Crew: approx. 45
  • ►Length: 60m
  • ►Beam: 10.1m
  • ►Draft: 4.5m
  • ►Speed: 14kt
  • ►one 20mm machine gun
  • ►one minesweeping unit
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