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Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting

Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting

On May 8th, Minister of Defense Inada held a meeting at the MOD with H.E. Mr. Arun Jaitley, Minister for Finance, Defence and Corporate Affairs, India, during his visit to Japan for the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank. During the meeting, both Ministers shared their views on Japan-India defense cooperation and exchanges. This was the first time in approximately two years for India’s Defense Minister to visit Japan.


Minister Inada welcomed Minister Jaitley’s visit to the MOD and stated that she welcomed the broad range of cooperation and exchanges taking place between the two countries’ defense authorities as “special strategic and global partners” with shared values and strategic interests.


Minister Jaitley expressed his appreciation for the welcome extended to him. The Minister, reflecting the success of November 2016 Japan-India Summit Meeting between Prime Ministers Abe and Modi, stated it was important for the two special strategic global partners to further enhance defense cooperation, in order to contribute to peace and stability of the region as two major democracies in the Indo-Pacific.


Both Ministers shared their views on the recent situation in the Indo-Pacific region, including North Korea. They welcomed the successful conclusion of high-level exchanges held since the last Defense Ministerial Meeting, including mutual visits by respective component chiefs, and Defense Policy Dialogue held at the level of Administrative Vice-Minister, which resulted in fruitful discussions.


In addition, both Ministers agreed to actively pursue joint training and various unit-level exchanges, including Malabar 2017, a trilateral maritime exercise involving Japan, the U.S. and India. They also affirmed the policy to ensure progress in bilateral discussions on defense equipment and technology cooperation.


In closing, Minister Inada invited her Indian counterpart to visit Japan for the annual defense ministerial meeting in Tokyo.

Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting
Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting

Japan-Italy Defense Ministerial Meeting

Japan-Italy Defense Ministerial Meeting

On May 22nd, Minister of Defense Inada met with Italian Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti in Tokyo. It was the first time in approximately 5 years for the Italian Minister of Defense to visit Japan. Prior to the meeting, both Ministers signed a memorandum on defense cooperation and exchanges between the Ministry of Defense of Japan and Ministry of Defense of the Italian Republic. The memorandum states that both countries will work to develop defense cooperation and exchanges through high level and working level exchanges between defense authorities and education and research exchanges.

1. Introduction

Minister Inada welcomed Minister Pinotti’s visit to the MOD and pointed out that the memorandum on Japan-Italy defense cooperation and exchanges signed today would serve as a platform for future defense cooperation and exchanges between the two countries. She then stressed that it will be important for Japan and Italy, which share fundamental values, to work together. In response, Minister Pinotti stated she would like to further stimulate defense cooperation and exchanges between Japan and Italy following today’s meeting and the signing of the memorandum.

2. Regional Situations

Minister Inada explained the increasingly severe security situation in East Asia, including the situation in North Korea, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea. Minister Pinotti explained the situation concerning ISIL, North Africa and the Middle East, including the situation in Libya. Both Ministers shared the view that they would continue working closely together in order to maintain the international order based on the rule of law.

3. Defense Policies of Japan and Italy

Minister Inada explained that Japan would continue proactively contributing to the peace and stability of the region and the international community more than ever before under the banner of “proactive contribution to peace” based on the principles of international cooperation. Minister Pinotti stated that she welcomed Japan’s efforts to secure the peace and stability of the international community while explaining Italy’s initiatives concerning international peace cooperation.

4. Japan-Italy Defense Cooperation and Exchanges

Japan-Italy Defense Ministerial Meeting

The two Ministers welcomed today’s signing of an agreement on the transfer of defense equipment and technology, and expressed their expectations that cooperation will be advanced in the field of defense equipment and technology. They also affirmed that the JMSDF counter-piracy unit and the EU anti-piracy operation, in which the Italian Navy participates, will continue to work closely together to deal with acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden. The two Ministers also shared a view that they would further deepen Japan-NATO security and defense.

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