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Rapeseed Blossoms

Rapeseed Blossoms

Japan is home to many famous flowers, including cherry blossoms. One flower that signals the arrival of spring is the rapeseed, which blooms around this time when the cold winter ends and temperatures begin to rise. The rapeseed blossoms from February to May, reaching full bloom between the end of February and April. During this time, rapeseed blossoms decorate the many rapeseed fields located across Japan. The sight of the magnificent painting-like yellow carpets draws countless tourists.

Chiba Prefecture is one of Japan’s largest rapeseed growing areas thanks to its warm climate facing the Pacific Ocean. In particular, in Minamiboso area, the fields of flowers and pedals shine a brilliant yellow starting in January, providing the opportunity to enjoy early spring scenery.

Minamiboso area in Chiba Prefecture is home to MSDF Tateyama Air Base. Tateyama Air Base fulfills various missions, including maritime defense, disaster relief, and international contributions, among others. Also, in Chiba Prefecture, there is GSDF Camp Narashino, which is home to the 1st Airborne Brigade, the only paratroop unit in Japan. GSDF Camp Kisarazu is the base for the 1st Helicopter Brigade, which operates various aircraft, including the CH-47 large transport helicopter. GSDF Camp Matsudo, also in Chiba Prefecture, houses the GSDF Quartermaster School. The ASDF has Mineokayama Sub Base in Minamiboso area, which as a radar site mainly monitors the skies around the Kanto region 24 hours a day. In this manner, there are a number of SDF facilities located in Chiba Prefecture representing all three branches.

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