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Pacific Partnership 2016
– Activities in Vietnam

The SDF Joint Concert 2016

On July 15th, Pacific Partnership 2016’s activity has begun in Vietnam with the participation of the SDF.

The Pacific Partnership, which started in 2007, is an initiative organized by the U.S. Forces. Naval vessels mainly from the U.S. Navy visit the Asia-Pacific region to provide medical assistance, to conduct civil engineering business, and to engage in cultural exchanges as well as to strengthen collaboration with the participating countries and facilitate international disaster relief activities through cooperation with the government, military, international organizations, and NGOs in each of those countries.

In 2016, the MOD/SDF participated in Pacific Partnership activities in Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Palau, and Indonesia. In Palau, Japan took the lead in carrying out activities. On July 15th, the MSDF Shimokita (LST-4002) arrived at the Port of Da Nang and commenced activities in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the U.S. hospital ship USNS Mercy and the Vietnam hospital ship Khanh Hoa docked at the Port of Da Nang where they will work with personnel from the U.K., Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand militaries to jointly carry out medical activities, facility renovations, and HA/DR training.

Commander Takahide Shirasaka of Operations Division 3, Joint Staff, in charge of Japan’s activities in Vietnam shared his thoughts as follows. “The focus of activities in Vietnam is building relationships with participating countries and improving the SDF’s disaster response capabilities through medical and facility renovation activities. I believe experiences of training overseas in a place with different cultures and customs can be utilized for the future activities of the SDF.”

In addition, prior to its arrival in Vietnam, the Shimokita carried out joint training in the South China Sea from July 12th to 15th with the USNS Mercy, which was navigating to Vietnam after completing Pacific Partnership activities in the Philippines.

Exercise Malabar 2016
Exercise Malabar 2016
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