JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.77




Japan has a number of famous flower varieties, including cherry blossoms. Among these varieties, the hydrangea is one of several that truly fascinate Japanese people.

The hydrangea is known for its unique blooms that change from a pale blue around the time blooms begin to shades of darker blue, purplish blue and pink, among others. The hydrangea is also a gardening plant that originated from Japan and it is often referred to by its separate flower name Utsuri-ki (ever changing).

Kamakura is one of the most famous spots for hydrangea in areas around Tokyo. The ancient city of Kamakura features a large number of temples, and among these Meigetsu-in Temple, Hase-dera Temple, Joshu-in Temple, and Jochi-ji Temple are famous for their abundance of colorful hydrangea blooms that cover the grounds and the roads approaching the temples, providing magnificently beautiful views.

The National Defense Academy (NDA) of Japan is located in Yokosuka City near Kamakura. The NDA is an MOD institution that educates and trains personnel who are expected to become officers within the GSDF, MSDF, and ASDF as well as conducts research on what is needed to accomplish its mission. Yokosuka City is also where the MSDF Yokosuka District (Yokosuka Regional District Headquarters and the like), the GSDF High Technical School, and the ASDF Takeyama Sub Base are located.

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