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10th Anniversary of the Joint Staff

10th Anniversary of the Joint Staff

As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Joint Staff, the commemorative ceremony was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Joint Staff on February 17th. The Joint Staff invited successive defense ministers, state ministers, parliamentary vice-ministers, and Chiefs of Joint Staff as well as Commander of U.S. Pacific Command and Commander of U.S. Forces Japan.

The Joint Staff was established on March 27th, 2006. Ever since the SDF took the first step towards operating under the new joint operation system both in name and reality, the SDF have executed numerous duties in Japan and overseas under the joint operation system over the past ten years.

Chief of Joint Staff Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano said in his remark, “the MOD and the SDF, the final bastion in securing Japan’s territorial land, water, and airspace in any situation, will make ceaseless efforts and steadily improve their response capabilities to make the safety and security of the nation and the people even more certain.” He stated three resolutions: to further strengthen the joint operation functions in light of the MOD reform; to implement steady preparations for enhancing the effectiveness of Japan-U.S. defense cooperation and towards the entry into force of the Legislation for Peace and Security; to proactively promote security cooperation.

The Joint Staff will continue to play a part in Japan’s strategic foreign and security policies going forward.

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