JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.75




Ise-Shima is the name of the area in southeast Mie Prefecture situated in the middle of Japan. This area is known for its beautiful green mountains and ria coast dividing the Pacific Ocean and Ise Bay. The area has a number of timeless locations that continue to draw visitors, such as Ise Jingu (Ise Jingu Shirine), which offers verdant natural scenery and a long history. Ise Jingu was built approx. 2,000 years ago and worships the deity Amaterasu Omikami (Sun Goddess), believed to be the divine ancestor of Japanese Imperial Family. It has served as an important piece of cultural heritage for the Japanese people since ancient times. Many people in Japan have made visits. The road surrounding Ise Jingu is transited by countless tourists every year and is always bustling because of its rest houses and souvenir shops.

The G7 Ise-Shima Summit scheduled to take place here on May 26th and 27th, 2016 represents the sixth G7 summit to be hosted by Japan since 1979, and currently preparations are in full swing. The host site of Kashiko Island is an island in Ago Bay that is approx. 7.3km around. This island was uninhabited until modern times when it was developed into a tourism hub after its port was built following the opening of the nearby railway in 1929. The island’s pearl aquaculture industry is also quite prominent. The pearl merchant stores and other famous sites can be visited on foot today.

GSDF Camp Akeno is located approx. 10km to the northwest of Ise Jingu. The camp, which has a warm climate and is situated in a place of scenic beauty, has an aeronautics school and various flight units. The camp also has Mie Prefecture’s only airfield, making it an important camp that can serve as a hub of operations in case of a major disaster or other emergency.

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